New Year’s Non-Resolutions!


Greetings! So how are the New Year’s resolutions going so far?
Sometimes we find our resolutions (or lack of fulfilling them) pack on more stress.
Here’s an example of my resolutions over the last 3 years:
2 Years Ago: I resolve to join a gym and work out every single day!
Last Year (revised): I resolve to join a gym and work out 3x a week.
This Year : I resolve to drive by my gym at least 3x a week.
Don’t let the stress of new habits get to you. Give yourself a break and take credit for trying to
create a new habit. Remember, it takes at least 21 days to change a habit. That means in order to
start or stop doing something, it will take time before it feels comfortable.
Work through the discomfort by knowing you’re being positive and proactive. The discomfort
is actually a good sign of your growing pains.
Stay focused on your new habits. Print them on a large sheet of paper and hang them on your
desk at work or on your mirror at home–somewhere you will see them often.
Don’t overload yourself with new things. If you have a long list of improvements (or selfremodeling,
as I like to call it) then only tackle one or two before moving on.
Changing habits should feel like tweaking tune-ups, not major overhauls.
Soon the newer habits will replace old ones with more productive ways to do things.
Remember, you’re either moving toward your goal or away from it. You can only inhale or
exhale at once–you cannot do both at the same time. Focus on the end result of what you’re new
habits will accomplish. Stay light!
Training Tip: Move motivational posters around your staff’s office area. This helps achieve a
“new” look and keeps them from becoming part of the wallpaper. Consider rotating them on a
regular basis.
This has been another quick look at STRESS-RELIEF from the folks at
Have a super week, and pass the lightness on! Take care, Kelli V.


About kellivrla

Kelli Vrla (Ver-lah: n Road Warrior for Humor & Productivity in the Workplace; funny, entertaining, exciting, motivating, Greek). Global Engagement Specialist! Kelli Vrla (Ver-lah), C S P, Texas-born corporate communications consultant, has enlightened and "entertrained" thousands in the U.S., Europe, and Central America with one of her dynamic programs. Kelli shares over 30 years of lessons and experience: Sixteen years as a broadcast sales executive in radio and 14 years as CEO of her own people development firm. Her in-the-trenches scope of learning comes from first-hand experiences in handling change, effective marketing, bottom-line communications, difficult and demanding people, and motivating the tough-to-motivate people. All of this prepared her for the variety of ways she now helps people stay less stressed and laser focused on full-throttle productivity. Life’s too short to get stressed over things we have little or no control over. Kelli helps people write the Reality Checks that will clear even the biggest bankable challenges. Since her radio days at ABC & CBS, Kelli has successfully consulted companies in helping their people enhance personal and professional development skills. She has helped them learn to OWN their jobs and get others to OWN theirs. She has helped them learn to handle CHANGE before it handles them. She has even helped them deal with PEOPLE THEY CANNOT STAND. Kelli has helped major corporations overcome the challenges and the chaos with her most-requested keynotes & workshops. She has done all of this with a festive delivery of relevant, memorable and immediately-transferable skills. As the kick-off morning show host, Kelli energized listeners on Dallas' first all-women talk radio show. Not only does Kelli hold the CSP, she proudly carries the honor of GPE (Greek Pastry Enthusiast)! In addition to serving on the boards of the National Speakers Association-North Texas and the Dallas Classical Guitar Society, she has worked with clients ranging from ABC, CBS, Lockheed Martin, NASA, H & R Block, ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart, Discover Card, HSBC, Capital One, TimeWarner, Canyon Ranch Resorts, Burger King, IBM and Southwest Airlines. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association as well as the Engagement Network. Her publications include co-authored works in the "Pathway Series: The Top Ten Packing List for 21st Century Leaders" and "Glee = MC2, A Guide to Exceptional Customer Service." Newest release this fall: Engage! Have Your People After 'Hello'! One recent attendee remarked, "Kelli was utterly amazing. She kept me awake, alert and assimilating. I laughed so hard my eyes were watering.” Kelli brings you relevant, memorable and DO-IT-NOW skills, so you can have more fun as you get more done! For a powerful conference kick-off keynote; for a motivating, closing keynote; or for an action-focused breakout, Kelli can bring impact and excitement to your event. SAVE the Date with Kelli V!

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