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Have a Windex-Fixes-All Kinda New Year!



If you saw Big Fat Greek Wedding, you know that Windex plays heavily in the  Greek home to fix all ills.  I do recall a lot of it at my grandparents house, so maybe they got a huge case of  it when they arrived dockside at Ellis Island back in 1906: “Hi, welcome to America: here’s your case of Windex–it fixes everything! ”

Wish I could fix all with one neat sweep!  Here are a few Quick Tips to tackle your New Year Resolutions /challenges in bite-sized pieces: 

1. CLARIFY your goals for the year. Make a bucket list of things important to you–not necessarily to everyone else. You will be more motivated when you’re passionately connected with your authentic goals.

2. COMMIT: GET A WITNESS!   Pick someone you consider a dream supporter, NOT a dream squasher! Ask them to ask you if you did that one task  by a certain deadline. Tell them your reward/consequence if you did or didn’t.  They can be on the celebration side if you did. Ask them to come up with a negative consequence if you don’t do the step.

3. CANCEL  clutter, things, activities…yes, even toxic people from your world. Renew your relationship with your “Delete” key and go on a ‘Delete Fest” with spam emails, unsubscribe to mailing lists, clear out duplicate files (digital and paper), stop going to those boring parties, meetings, events, and just say “no” to the vampire life-sucking people who hang on because you allow it.

4. CREATE the energy-building connections you crave. Be proactive. Stop waiting for opportunities to ride up on that white horse; make them happen-one step at a time.

5.  CONCENTRATE and REINFORCE your goals with obvious visual cues: signage on your desk,  PC, mirror, near your clock, etc.

6. CELEBRATE and ACCELERATE! Have your own Prize Closet. Stock it with things and outings to reward your diligence. Indulge yourself in  . something you’ve always wanted to do.  Some people have a guilty pleasure of just hiding away for a few precious minutes and reading.  You’d be surprised how a simple pleasure can really recharge your spirits.

Alright, now, go out there and use that WINDEX! You have at least 6 different squirts to choose from.  OPA!  2005-09-10 08.30.58

Enjoy the journey!

Kelli V.


Ethos, Pathos, Logos and Laugh-os


Today, Ask Yourself: Where can I practice “Laugh-os” this week and look at things more lightly?

Quote: “She who laughs, lasts.” Kelli S. Vrla, CSP

Distilled Nugget: What helps persuade others both in drama and in life?

  • Ethos: having ethical, moral character
  • Pathos: appealing with passion
  • Logos: appealing with logic

But don’t forget to add my favorite Greek trait: Laugh-os (laff-os), the ability to look at things lightly and with a great sense of humor. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself (and others) is a sense of humor. Find difficult situations amusing. Remember, you will always find what you seek. Seek lightness and it will lay itself at your feet.

Title: Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and Laugh-os

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Let There Be P’s on Earth


Today, Ask Yourself About the Four “P’s”: Positive, Polite, Professional, Proactive: How many of the four Ps can I practice in my next interaction? In all my interactions?

Quote: “The glue that holds all relationships together – including the relationship between the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” Brian Tracy

Distilled Nugget: Practice the four Ps in all you do. Strive to be Positive, Polite, Professional, Proactive. Positive: Tell people what they can have or do, not what they can’t. Polite: Remember to use simple courtesies like “Please” and “Thank you.” Professional: Always be above board. Pretend you’re being followed by a paparazzi of cameras at all times. What would you like to see on the six o’clock news about you? Proactive: Be ever mindful of moving transactions forward. Focus forward on fixing, rather than backward on blaming.

Title: Let There Be P’s on Earth!

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Fear=Lack of Knowledge


Today, Ask Yourself: What can I know more of this week that can help me fear something less?

Quote: “Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.” –David Rockefeller

Distilled Nugget: Knowledge is the antidote for fear. If ever you find that you are fearful of something, you must strive to know more about it because knowledge controls fear. The odds are good that someone knows a bit more about this situation than you do. Strive to find out more with all the resources available to you: friends, foes, Internet, books, tapes, seminars, etc.

Title: Fear = Lack of Knowledge

Icon: 1330524 (ENLARGE as much as possible; or this one if you cannot enlarge the above one: 14733837 Man being pulled into computer by scary hands!